Lymy is a space in Helsinki that we have rented together as an initial experiment in shaping a life in common with friends and comrades. We use the space to meet each other and others, eat together, do paid and unpaid work, study, share skills, accumulate resources, have fun and organize. Out of all the questions we could ask ourselves today we feel that the one that really connects us with our immediate situation is: what does shared life look like, here and now?

We strive towards something that would bridge the disparate moments of belonging we experience in different projects and struggles into one continuous terrain. A terrain we can inhabit without being torn between the two feelings that dominate our lives: anxiety (“something, anything must be done”) and apathy (“nothing can be done”). We want to transform the prevailing sadness altered with moments of individual happiness into collective joy that gives us strength. There will never be a better or worse time to start building new forms of life in common.

We have taken the first step in finding each other and look forward to finding many more to share and learn with. Any lasting change for the better will result from real people making real, material things together. As each moment is unique and there is no program that can be applied everywhere and at every time, we need only be concerned with where we are here and now. In any given situation, what is more important than any rule, moral or regulation is that which puts us in touch with our common power, with our potential. This is our ethic.

The common that we are looking for exists in some parts but requires further building. This is the start of the process. We will use hammers and spikes, books and pens, computers and algorithms, pots and pans, cloth and needle, and so much more. We welcome you to expand this process, to build with us, by contacting Lymy and by proposing events and projects to work on together.

Lymy is a political collective with a focus on bringing autonomy to an everyday lived level and creating connections between different political groups and networks based in Helsinki and elsewhere. We want to create a physical and social space for working and living collectively, which is why we rent a space in Helsinki. As members of Lymy, we pay rent each month from our own pockets. We welcome different groups to use Lymy and make events in Lymy. If you want to make an event in Lymy, please tell us your idea and in which ways you would be interested in organising together with Lymy. When using the space, we appreciate a donation according to your possibilities as a way of contributing to the rent.

Join us making sure to survive the pandemic by subscribing to www.patreon.com/lymy, or if you want to cut out the corporate middleman, contact us. Every contribution helps us in our work towards autonomy on an everyday lived level.


During the pandemic, Lymy has been on low flame with only occasional meetings taking place. We continue being open for small gatherings of different sorts and will hopefully soon organize also more public events. If you want to get in touch with use concerning the space, please contact us via facebook or email. Otherwise, stay updated about Lymy on our website and social media.

Contact: lymyhki@proton.me; facebook Lymy or Instagram 

Accessibility info / esteellisyystiedot

When entering Lymy through the front door, there are five steps leading downwards into the space. The front door is 79 cm wide. There are three steps up to the bathroom. The door to the bathroom is 64 cm wide. When passing the kitchen door there is a single three cm high step.

Lymyyn käydään sisään katutasosta alas viittä porrasta pitkin. Ulko-ovi on 79 cm leveä. Pieneen kylpyhuoneeseen noustaan kolmea porrasta pitkin. Kylpyhuoneen ovi on 64 cm leveä. Keittiön oven kohdalla on kolme cm korkea kynnys.

We ask everyone who comes to our space and events to not assume consent from anyone for anything, including being photographed.

Pyydämme kaikkia tilaamme ja tapahtumiimme tulevia olemaan olettamatta kenenkään suostumusta mihinkään, mukaan lukien valokuvattavaksi tulemiseen.