Friends’ Day Neighbourhood Dinner on Feb 14

On the 14th of February (Valentine’s Day) Lymy’s weekly Open Doors transforms into a social dinner for all those interested in creating a more liveable neighbourhood, making new friends and autonomous politics.

We believe that by meeting each other on a regular basis we can begin to develop what a world worth living in would look like, how we could start from the places and practices we already have, and how we could find new lines of struggle. By acting together we can transform our relationships and our ways of being in the world.

16.00 – 20.00 Lymy Open Doors

16.00 -> Fruit and juice available in particular for children

17.30 Social Dinner 5€ (± 5€, children for free, vegan food, GF options)

18.30 Short presentations on friendship, feminism and neighbourhood struggles

“Love and friendship tell us about the value of quality over quantity: the collective body composed of other bodies does not increase its potencia according to the mere quantity of its individual components, but in relation to the intensity of the tie that unites them.” – Colectivo Situaciones

The event is organised by Lymy together with Kumu web magazine

Accessibility info (esteellisyystiedot suomeksi alla):

The presentations will be held in English with the possibility of translation to at least Finnish.

When entering Lymy through the front door, there are five steps leading downwards into the space. The front door is 79 cm wide. There are three steps up to the bathroom. The door to the bathroom is 64 cm wide. When passing the kitchen door there is one single three cm high step.

We ask that everyone who enters the space not assume consent for anything from anyone, including being photographed.


Esitelmät ovat englanniksi, tulkkaus järjestetään tarvittaessa ainakin suomeksi.

Lymyyn käydään sisään katutasosta viittä portaita pitkin (jotka menevät alaspäin). Ulko-ovi on 79 cm leveä. Pieneen kylpyhuoneeseen noustaan kolme porrasta pitkin. Kylpyhuoneen ovi on 64 cm leveä. Keittiön oven kohdalla on kolme cm korkea kynnys.

Odotamme kaikkien tilaan tulevien olemaan olettamatta kenenkään suostumusta mihinkään, mukaan lukien valokuvattavaksi tulemiseen.

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