Lymy Aperitivo 9: Querq

Image behind text: Tuisku Lehto

TL;DR: Come hang out and listen to a short presentation and discussion with Querq over drinks this Friday (October 11) at 6-9pm (main program starts already at 6:30).


Lymy continues its series of monthly Aperitivo nights. We gather once a month to meet each other and enjoy some drinks and interesting conversation. Start your weekend with us at Lymy! Cash is queen. ♥

In our fall aperitivos we will be focusing on spaces. Our first aperitivo is with the collective behind Querq: “a quirky cultural space at Nilsiänkatu 10, Helsinki … [that] focuses on exploring intimacy, along with artistic expression, sex positivity and personal development.” “With radical kindness at [their] core, [they] aim to unravel taboos and stigmas with feminist, queer, spiritual and critical approaches.”

We have given them the following questions as suggestions for what we might be interested in thinking about together with them on Friday and beyond: What are the political implications of having a space? How does having a space affect the collective? What are some challenges with having and maintaining a space and how do you deal with them? What made you decide to get a space?

The evening will consist of a very short introduction by us (starting at 6:30), a presentation by our guests (between 20-50 min) and some discussion followed by hanging out in a more informal setting till 9.

You are warmly welcome to the ninth Lymy Aperitivo to hear more from and about Querq and spend a wonderful evening together!

Kuinka tuli sytytetään

Julkaisimme vuonna 2016 käännöksen englanninkielisestä How to Start a Fire -tekstistä, ensin pienenä painoksena omilla saatesanoillamme (PDF-tiedostossa) ja sitten hieman suurempana, risopainettuna painoksena vuonna 2017. Toista painosta on vielä saatavilla Lymystä 4 eurolla. Alla tekstimuodossa kaikista uusin, sähköistä julkaisua varten uudelleen oikoluettu versio.

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Lymy Café <3 Plants to Commons on September 7

We’ll host our second cutting/seedling/plant swap at the Lymy Café on the 7th of September at 12-4pm!

It’s simple: bring a cutting/seedling/plant and/or take a cutting/seedling/plant. And why not stay, have a coffee and hang out with your friends. You can of course also just come by for a coffee. ☕️ <3

cutting/seedling/plant for free, espresso bomb 3€, double espresso 2€, tea for 1.5€ (cash or mobilepay)

Seasons change 🍂 feelings change 🥀 friendship remains 🌱


Lymy Café – Fall 2019 Edition

Welcome to this fall’s edition of Lymy’s café! ♥

Kick off already this Saturday (August 24, 12-4 pm) with espresso bombs – a love potion consisting of a double espresso in your choice of sparkling water, coke or ES!

Espresso bomb 3€, iced almond latte 3€, double espresso 2€, tea 1.50€ (cash or MobilePay).

Fall (of the patriarchy/capitalism/civilization/Espresso House) dates: August 24; September 7 and 28; October 12; November 2, 16 and 30; December 14.

Episode 4 – Decolonial Efforts and Sámi Politics with Petra Laiti

Sámi activist Petra Laiti visited Lymy in February to talk about indigenous activism in Finland. The fourth episode of our podcast is a live recording of this talk. What is happening within the Sámi and indigenous politics in Finland? What do decolonial efforts look like today? What does an autonomous future for Sámi peoples look like? How can the struggles of today and the future be supported by non-indigenous people? Hear these  questions and many more answered in the presentation and the following Q&A.

Please also enjoy the feel of sitting in the room, when you hear sounds of beers being opened, chairs being moved, or some voices seeming farther away than others.

Recorded on 22.2.2019 at Lymy in Helsinki.
Editing and sound by Ina
Original photo by Jonne Sippola with editing by Niko Tii

Lymy Aperitivo: Direct Action in the Climate Movement (May 17)

May 17, 6-9 pm

Lymy continues its series of Aperitivo nights. We gather to meet each other and enjoy some drinks and interesting conversation. Start your weekend with us at Lymy! Cash is queen. ♥

In our May event we get to hear from two groups involved with direct action in the climate movement: Ende Gelände Finland and Extinction Rebellion Finland. Ende Gelände Finland are organizing a bus to the Ende Gelände mass action in Rheinland, Germany against coal mining in June:

Extinction Rebellion Finland is part of a global non-violent rebellion against the criminal inactivity of world governments to manage the ecological crisis. Their rebellion week in the spring of 2019 mobilized hundreds of people in Finland into civil disobedience action.

Ende Gelände Finland is an antiauthoritarian grassroots network that works to mobilize people from Finland for the Ende Gelände mass actions against coal mines for climate justice. They support the growth of local activist communities. The network mobilizes people by organizing information events and joint transportation. The principles of the network are horizontality and autonomy.

You are warmly welcome to the Lymy Aperitivo to spend a wonderful evening together!

Keskustelu on englanniksi, tulkkaus järjestetään tarvittaessa ainakin suomeksi.

Witchcraft for Anti-capitalist Futures: Dinner & Discussion (May 4)

In order to create a world where our choices, bodies and lives would not be framed by capitalism (and hetero-patriarchy), we need to re-imagine interpersonal relations, understandings of work and economy. Feminism, suppressed women’s knowledges, queer practices and witchcraft are what we need to make this happen.

Join us for a dinner of wild vegetables and discussions on anti-capitalist practices, feminism and witchcraft as well as for schemes for queer-feminist, anti-capitalist futures.

We draw inspiration among other things from
– Witches of the past and present.
– The work of Silvia Federici and her argument, in particular, that the historical transition to capitalism required exploitation of reproductive work, women’s bodies and sexuality as well as stigmatizing feminine knowledges and boosting gender hierarchies.
– Our gut feeling that queer and intersectional feminism should be the starting point for anti-capitalist critique.
– Queer and queering as a methodology for our struggles, also as a means to rethink the economy and alternatives to capitalism.
– Our experiences of the potential in esoteric practices like tarot and astrology as practices of caring, healing and strengthening our friendships.

5 pm Hang out and setting the communal dinner table

6 pm Food and brief intros to the themes

After the dinner, tarot readings and discussions

Bring your thoughts to share, your knowledge on and tools of witchcraft and some coins for for the dinner!

The event is organised by Witches Reading Capital in collaboration with Lymy.

Lymy Visits Copenhagen on April 25

If you happen to be in Copenhagen on April 25, we’ll be giving a presentation at YNKB at 5 pm. More info at:

Kammerater fra Helsinki er på besøg i København og vi har inviteret dem til at fortælle os om deres kollektive sted kaldet Lymy og deres forsøg på at finde en mellemvej mellem det åbne i aktivistmiljøet og følelsen af at dele et fælles liv. Vi inviterer alle der har noget på hjertet i diskussionen af den slags ting til at komme denne fredag d. 26. april i YNKB, Baldersgade 70 kl. 17-19.

Præsentation og diskussion vil foregå på Engelsk.

Se forneden hvad Lymy handler om.


Comrades from Helsinki are visiting Copenhagen and we’ve invited them to tell us about their attempt to establish a collective space where friends in struggle can both open themselves to the world while sharing a life in common. We invite anyone who has a stake in discussing these things to join us this evening Friday the 26th at YNKB, Baldersgade 70 at XX-XX [CLOCK]

Presentation and discussion will be in English.

This is how our friends describe the project:

“Lymy is a space in Helsinki that we rented together as an initial experiment in shaping a life in common with friends and comrades. We use the space to meet each other and others, eat together, do paid and unpaid work, study, share skills, accumulate resources, have fun and organize. Out of all the questions we could ask ourselves today we feel that the one that really connects us with our immediate situation is: what does shared life look like, here and now?

We strive towards something that would bridge the disparate moments of belonging we experience in different projects and struggles into one continuous terrain. A terrain we can inhabit without being torn between the two feelings that dominate our lives: anxiety (“something, anything must be done”) and apathy (“nothing can be done”). We want to transform the prevailing sadness altered with moments of individual happiness into collective joy that gives us strength. There will never be a better or worse time to start building new forms of life in common.

In April 2019 we started a process in order to define a new strategy for Lymy. We work on the strategy based on four themes that have been defining Lymy in the years 2015-2019: ethics, affects, life in common and territoriality. In Copenhagen, we will give an introduction to the first steps in defining our strategical guidelines.

We wholeheartedly invite you to participate in the discussion that we hope both could develop these strategic thoughts and open up for a wider discussion on the common ground between Lymy and similar projects in Copenhagen!”