Docs in Common: Civil War and Revolution in Northern Syria (March 28, April 4 & 11)

Lymy and NCDK (Kurdish Center for Democratic Society – of Helsinki) are happy to present a series of documentaries about Rojava (West Kurdistan) and Syria.

These documentaries will touch different aspects of the life in Syria during a war started in 2011 with the protests of several people against the government-regime of Bashar Al-Assad. The events provoked an escalation of the conflict, also due to the interests of other non-Syrian actors in the Middle East like Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Al-Qaeda and the new-born and so-called Islamic State of Iraq and Levant, as well as Western powers.
The protests and the civil war create a vacuum of power in certain areas of the northern part of Syria, where most of the Kurdish population live, to the border with the Turkish-occupied Bakûr (North Kurdistan), allowing democratic and secular political forces and their militias (YPG and YPJ) to take control of these areas and start to self-organize the society. A new unrecorded before revolution has started. To abolish patriarchy and capitalism requires big efforts by all the people of a society.
This revolution has also been challenged by the war waged mostly by ISIS.

For the next three weeks, on Thursday we will watch the documentaries and possibly discuss freely these topics altogether.

Thu 28.3 – Life in a War

:: Born From Urgency – Faces from the Frontline Against ISIS (Joey L)
English – Kurmanjî

Thu 4.4 – War and Revolution (two short docs)

1) International Volunteers of the Rojava Revolution (Unicorn Riot)
… English subtitles

2) Rojava, the Revolution by Women (Arte)
Deutsch – Kurmanjî
… English subtitles

Thu 11.4 – Occupation of Afrîn (two short docs)

1) Afrîn before and after the Turkish Attack (Rojava Center for Strategic Studies) عربى
… English subtitles

2) Syrie: le siège d’Afrin (Arte) [Syria: the siege of Afrîn]
English – Français – Kurmanjî
… English subtitles

Every Thursday Lymy has its Open Doors, so you can come from 16 to chill out, study, cook and eat something or chat with us till the screening starts!