ADL Cobas – Struggles in Italy

Under what forms can workers organise in times of precarisation and crisis?

On the 14th of April, Lymy will host an open discussion on the topic of current workersโ€™ struggles. The discussion will be started with introductory notes from our guests from the Italian union ADL Cobas in Emilia Romagna, Stรฉfano Re.

ADL Cobas is an autonomous union, formed in the 80โ€™s in the surroundings of Padova around the struggles against precarisation, decentralisation and environmental devastation.

Today, the ADL Cobas in Emilia Romagna have engaged in interesting struggles with migrant-workers especially in the logistic sector, defended the right to housing and participated in transnational mobilisations against insecurity and borders.

During the discussion we will hear how ADL Cobas has organised workers in practise, what challenges they have faced and how their ways of organising differ from traditional workersโ€™ unions.


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