Lymy Café <3 Plants to Commons on September 7

We’ll host our second cutting/seedling/plant swap at the Lymy Café on the 7th of September at 12-4pm!

It’s simple: bring a cutting/seedling/plant and/or take a cutting/seedling/plant. And why not stay, have a coffee and hang out with your friends. You can of course also just come by for a coffee. ☕️ <3

cutting/seedling/plant for free, espresso bomb 3€, double espresso 2€, tea for 1.5€ (cash or mobilepay)

Seasons change 🍂 feelings change 🥀 friendship remains 🌱


Episode 4 – Decolonial Efforts and Sámi Politics with Petra Laiti

Sámi activist Petra Laiti visited Lymy in February to talk about indigenous activism in Finland. The fourth episode of our podcast is a live recording of this talk. What is happening within the Sámi and indigenous politics in Finland? What do decolonial efforts look like today? What does an autonomous future for Sámi peoples look like? How can the struggles of today and the future be supported by non-indigenous people? Hear these  questions and many more answered in the presentation and the following Q&A.

Please also enjoy the feel of sitting in the room, when you hear sounds of beers being opened, chairs being moved, or some voices seeming farther away than others.

Recorded on 22.2.2019 at Lymy in Helsinki.
Editing and sound by Ina
Original photo by Jonne Sippola with editing by Niko Tii

Episode 3 – Why We Fail (Lymy @ FemF)

Welcome to the third episode of the Lymy podcast! This episode is a live recording of our talk at FemF, the Feminist forum in Helsinki with comrades from Allt åt Alla Kvinnofront from Stockholm.

The subject of our conversation was reproductive and emotional labor in political collectives. Analyzing past projects we ask: how can we learn from failure and create long-lasting movements that give more than they take?

To our great pleasure, the room was packed, which is reflected in the sound, so please enjoy!

Recorded in October 2017 at FemF ( in Helsinki
Editing and sound by Ina
Photo by Niko Tii